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We're on a mission to elevate the humble dumpling by putting a contemporary twist on a meal time classic. Unique flavors and spices meet the power of automation to bring you a tasty treat made in a flash from our soon-to-be flagship restaurant location.


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Hey Foodie Futurists! Buckle up your taste buds and get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other. Nom Bot Dumplings is your soon-to-be-favorite spot for scrumptious dumplings, combining the freshest ingredients with perfectly crispy and chewy wrappers, made lightning fast by our robot chefs!

herbs and spices

A Modern Classic

Contemporary flavors + traditional cuisine create flavor explosions that will leave your taste buds doing the robot dance.

Fresh Cabbage

With fresh locally sourced ingredients, our dumplings make a perfect snack, appetizer or main course.

Fresh + Healthy

Our Nom Bots ensure your dumplings are hot, fresh, and ready faster than you can say "nom nom nom."

Ready Fast

Dumplings Edited.jpg

Get a freshly pan-fried order in store or take a frozen bag to go for a quick and easy meal at home.

Eat Now and Later


Follow us to get sneak peaks of our scrumptious dumplings and the Nom Bots hard at work. We'll also keep you posted as we approach the grand opening of our flagship restaurant!

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